Wolf Air New Model Hookahs


240 Volt Electric Hookah

240 Volt Electric Hookah 8 Bar.jpg

The 240 volt electric hookah operates at 115 psi, will support 1 diver to 30 metres and 2 divers to 20 metres.

Ideal for larger vessels, jen sets and powered pontoons.

29 Cfm Petrol Boat Hookah

29 Cfm Petrol Hookah.jpg

The 29 Cfm petrol boat hookah supplies 850 litres/minute of air, will support 1 diver to 60 metres and 2 divers to 40 metres.

Taylor made to suit the vessel or work station, supplied with a separate reservoir and large filter units.



Wolf Air can offer interest free payments over 12, 18 or 24 months through Certegy Ezi-Pay on all of our compressors with 25% deposit and the remainder paid fortnightly.


Wolf-Air's Law on Diving : What goes down MUST come up

Those in the sub-tropical, tropical and equatorial climate range will need to replace dive compressor filter elements more frequently. Weather conditions with high moisture levels will also effect the life of the elements.  (Source: http://www.bom.gov.au/iwk/climate_zones/images)