Wolf Air Dive Compressors


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Wolf Air compressors as used by Commercial, Abalone & Recreational Divers in Australia & Tasmania since 1984.


Australian Made Dive Compressors & Hookah Dive Compressors

Options available - Petrol Dive Compressor, Diesel Dive CompressorNEW 12V Electric Dive Compressor

Any dive compressor can be custom built to your needs (all prices plus freight).


$6,495.00 + GST + Freight

Was $6,800
  • NEW FEATURE: Improved faster flow rate

  • 19cfm ABAC Pump - Honda 5.5hp GX160 Engine

  • 1 Diver to 40m Comfortably

  • Filter friendly - Starting at $35.00 per filter kit

  • Overall dimension: 790mm long - 540 wide - 540 high

$7,722.00 + GST + Freight

Was $7,995
  • 19cfm ABAC Pump - Yanmar Diesel 4.7hp Engine

  • 1 Diver to 40m Comfortably

  • Filter friendly - Starting at $35.00 per filter kit

  • Overall dimension: 790mm long - 540 wide - 590 high

$1,914.00 + FREIGHT

$2,494.00 + FREIGHT

  • 20m of 10mm Commercial Dive Hose (Standard Length)

  • Oceanic Alpha 8 Regulators / Predator Regulators

  • Battery Power Volt Meter

  • Minimal Set Up Time: Approx. 2 Minutes

Note: We now have available Hour Metres for our Wolf Air Compressors


INTEREST FREE Finance Available

Wolf Air can offer interest free payments over 6, 12, 18 or 24 months through Certegy ezi-pay. All that is required is 25% deposit and the remainder paid fortnightly.


Please note: These dive compressor models replace the previous Wolf Air models WA2, and WA4
for all supported commercial,  hookah and recreational diving operations.



Wolf Air Specific Operations Manual 

We have made available an online version of our Wolf Air Operations Manual appropriate for all dive compressor models of our Wolf Air Dive Compressors.

The Wolf Air Operations Manual is a PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) and can be viewed or printed. It's 17 pages, and includes images for reference and 2 pages of 'Compressor Hours Record Sheet'. 

Applicable Diving Operations Standards

Diving operators are urged to familiarise themselves with AS/NZ 2299 1:2007 (Occupational diving operations - Standard operational practice). Due to commerciality of the Standard, we are unable to provide this information to you.

You can purchase AS/NZ 2299 1:2007 online at SAI Global

Diving and Dive Compressor Links of Interest

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Wolf Air Dive Compressors & Australian Standards

Choosing a Safe Hookah for Your Diving Operations

Choosing a safe and reliable dive hookah is an incredibly important decision that ultimately, your life WILL depend on.

Australian Standards were created to ensure goods and services safely and consistently perform to their intended purpose.

Air from your hookah is your life line. No air.. No life.

Check that it complies with Australian Standards

Ensure the breathing air compressor is compliant with your industries Australian Standard. A dive compressor must comply with AS 2299:1:2007 and all related AS to be used in the commercial diving industry. 

Check the 'Pressure Vessel Approval Number'

Wolf Air Compressors hold an AS1210 Class 3 Vessel Approval number PV 84586 obtained by passing strict inspections required by various Australian Standards. Our Vessel manufacturer/welder has had to undertake strict testing to obtain the 'Australian Standard' certification to build our compliant vessels. All hookah frames claiming diver safety should also obtain this approval or equivilant.

Check the Air Quality Test Certificate

Air quality is paramount! Ensure the dive compressor you are interested in has been tested to AS 2299:1:2007 and ask for a certificate. Here at Wolf Air we encourage you to be as safety conscious as you can be. A qualified Drager Air Test Technician completes a Drager Air Quality Test on all our dive compressors before dispatch and you are more than welcome to request a copy! 

All Wolf Air owners are urged to become familiar with the Wolf Air Operations Manual available for download on the page above. Commercial users are urged to become familiar with all standards relevant to their industry.

ASK FOR PROOF. It is easy to make a claim of standards approval so don't be shy to ask for relevant certification. Here at Wolf Air we encourage questions! We are the pioneers of hookah safety and never take short cuts. 

*Western Australia only recognises Pressure Vessels designed and manufactured to Standards AS1210, ASME BPV or BS5500. Wolf Air Compressors are fully compliant to AS 1210 which is a recognised Standards Organisation for all states.

Why choose Wolf Air for Dive Compressors?

Our DIVE compressors are Top of the Range

  • Stainless Steel fit-out

  • Built to Australian Standards

  • Built by Qualified Australian Professionals

  • Used by commercial divers, hookah diving operators and for confined space breathing air operations

  • Clean, Medical Grade air production - 4 Stage Filtration

  • Holds all certifications required for commercial use

  • DIY Maintenance

The Wolf Air team are always here to help. We pride our selves on our friendly and knowledgeable service and are prepared for any emergency requirements you might have.

We don't just create them ... We use them

Our underwater construction department make good use of their Wolf Air dive compressors allowing our team to constantly modify the compressor design to be the most industry suited hookahs on the Australian market.

Wolf Air MAKES DIVE Compressors THAT can be used in any industry where clean medical quality air is required.

Aussie Owned & Built

Wolf Air Dive Compressors are Australian owned and built. We source as much of our product components and services as we can locally and from South Australia. Everything else, we source strictly from Australian distributors.

Our pressure vessel and filter units are made in Adelaide and Wolf Air does not order ANYTHING from overseas. The Australian economy is important to us and we pride our selves on investing back into our country.

Dive Compressor Filters & Accessories

We also offer the following dive compressor filters & accessories to supplement your diving needs:

  • Galvanised 100m Hose Reel, any length of 8mm or 10mm Diving Hose

  • Felt Pads, Connectors - Male/Female

  • Compressor Oil, Activated Carbon, Molecular Sieve



Dive Compressor Features

  • Filters are designed for easy removal and inexpensive changing.

  • Filter changes don't require any special tools.

  • Our 100m hose reels are of heavy duty construction.

  • Stainless steel inlet and outlet manifolds.

  • Secure airtight camlock on inlet manifold.

  • Balanced fan/flywheel to reduce vibration.

Wolf Air Dive Compressors

  • Newton's Law on Physics : What goes up must come down

  • Wolf Air's Law on Diving : What goes down MUST come up


If you want to stay on top of going below
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