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for Commercial, Hookah and Recreational Diving operations

Note: We now have available Hour Metres for our Wolf Air Compressors

Wolf Air Filter Towers ( Machined Aluminium Heads and Anodised & Stainless Steel Bases) are Australian made of which are designed and tested to achieve optimum performance to allow maximum output to the diver whilst operating from 6 bar (88 psi) to 10 bar (147 psi) pressure, up to 12 bar (175psi) if required.

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Dive Compressor Filter Element Replacement Packs

Molecular Sieve Tower Replacement pack

  • 1 X Molecular Sieve

  • 2 x Felt Pads

  • 1 x Filter head O-ring

$45.00 inc GST

MSDS: Molecular Sieve Type 13X/Molecular Sieve Type 3A”

Usage: Industrial Material for Selective Absorption

Services 1 filter change 

Activated Carbon Tower Replacement kit

  • 1 x Activated Carbon

  • 2 x Felt Pads

  • 1 x Filter head O-ring

$35.00 INC GST

MSDS: Activated Carbon 4x8 Steam Activated (Non Hazardous)

Usage: Water & Air Purification plus others

All material data sheets are available upon request

Services 1 filter change 

Refer to Wolf Air Operations Manual for filter packing instructions.

Express postage for 1 filter pack = $11.00
Express postage for 2 filter packs = $16.00
** Australia Only **


Price excludes GST.

Full Wolf Air Stainless Steel filter unit available for purchase.
Call Wolf Air for fitting options and price.

Wolf Air Dive Compressor Filter Accessories

  • Filter pads - $4 ea

  • Filter tower head O'ring - $4 ea

Price excludes GST.

For bulk quantities of filter elements please contact Wolf Air Compressors.

Galvanised Steel Hose Reel (fits 100m of 10mm barfell)

  • $313.00 + GST + FREIGHT AT COST

Price excludes GST.

Postage calculated on destination
*For fitting options please
contact Wolf Air

Dive Hose (Compliant with AS 2299 1:2007)

  • 8mm - 50M/100m available

  • 10mm - 50m/100m available

For personalised length and set up please contact the Wolf Air office.
All connection fittings compatible with this dive hose are available through Wolf Air.

Couplings / Teemas

Stainless Steel Commercial grade lockable Uno-Flow Teemas

  • Male SS Teema - $59.00 ea

  • FeMale SS Teema - $59.00 ea

Price excludes GST

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